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Welcome! This site is an official portal to inform English speakers about our country - Western Sahara, SADR.

The Western Sahara, SADR is a beautiful country in the western Maghreb in Africa, known for the warm hospitality of its people. The official languages are Spanish and Arabic.

Western Sahara, SADR is a full member of the African Union. Despite many setbacks and the illegal occupation of a large part of our territory, we are a young country in all senses: 55% of our population is under 25 years old.


Population: 650,000

Land area: 266,000 km2

Official languages: Arabic, Spanish

Other Spoken languages: English, French

Time zone: UTC

Capital: Laâyoune (French) El Aaiún (Spanish)

Administrative seat: Tifariti (since 2008)

Internet top level domain: .eh

Official Currency: Sahrawi peseta (EHP) pegged to Euro (166.386 pesetas = €1)

About Western Sahara, SADR

Western Sahara, SADR

Western Sahara, SADR is self-governing dependencies of the Western Sahara, SADR, but we are not part of Western Sahara, SADR, nor are we part of the Morocco. The Western Sahara, SADR is recognised as one of the most rising world’s leading fast-growing and promising financial centres established themselves as e-commerce centres of excellence.

Western Sahara, SADR has its own

investment laws

Western Sahara, SADR has its own government, legislature and company laws and operates with the same modern banking, insurance and investment laws.


Western Sahara, SADR is the country with an application for full independence and we understand that this requires one of the first financially stable independence. To attract investors and create a global platform with simplified conditions for doing business the aria under Western Sahara, SADR’s supervising calling Free Zone.

We invite everyone who wants to create a successful business in our country!